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Beware of Making These Worst Mistakes During Furniture Removals

Relocating bulk furniture such as sofa sets, bunk beds or cabinets has always been a nightmare to majority of the tenants as it’s not only strenuous but risky. Regardless of the number of times you have relocated your bulk items before, carelessness during packing or slight mishandling can ruin your experience and overburden your pocket with hefty dollars. To help you avoid costly damages to your furniture during move-out and make relocation hassle-free, here are top 4 mistakes you should never make.

Not Taking Proper Measurements

When it comes to moving huge pieces of furniture through tight doors, taking proper measurements is a must to avoid damages to the counterparts and make move seamless and hassle-free. If you are moving bulk goods through cramped spaces or stairways, proper maneuvering is essential to expedite the process. However, amateurs who have little knowledge about the tricks of moving bulk furniture pieces, overlook noting down the correct dimensions of doorways before moving awkward pieces and end up causing potential damages to their pricey items.

Not Seeking Professional Help

Tenants who prefer DIY furniture removal in order to save a couple of bucks end up causing significant damages to their pricey belongings and repent for a lifetime. Hiring professional removalists in Sydney is always a wise decision to protect valuable pieces of furniture and ensure their safe delivery at the destination. By having 2-3 friends or a team of skilled furniture removalists at your disposal, you can expect your move to be less time consuming and hectic and get sufficient time to concentrate on other household activities. Additionally, you can mitigate the risk of slipping or tripping off the floors and streamline your work by assigning tasks to every individual.

Leaving Packing to be Done at Last

The key to safe and hassle-free furniture removal is packing in advance. Leaving the job of packing furniture pieces to be done on your relocation day can not only eat up your time but trigger the potential of risks and injuries. Packing furniture pieces isn’t a job to be done at last and tenants who neglect this aspect end up with chaos and mess during the final hour. Additionally, leaving your valuable items unprotected during transit will make it more likely for boxes to get mixed up, misplaced or damaged and ruin your overall experience.

Not Labelling Your Individual Boxes

Packing huge pieces of furniture may seem to be exciting and overwhelming at first, but practically speaking, it’s not so. As and when you pack items into boxes, it can be tempting to dump things randomly and unpacking can become a total mess. However, homeowners who do so, face a hard time in locating items at the time of unpacking if the boxes get damaged, lost or broken in the way. Instead of being haphazard and casual with packing large furniture counterparts, it’s wise to take a purposeful approach by hiring furniture removalists in Sydney and label individual boxes clearly so that it becomes easy to identify goods upon arrival at the destination.

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