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Easy To Follow Office Moving Guide by Expert Removalists

We understand that office removal can be quite difficult as it involves many steps. So, we have decided to share the office moving guide with you today that will help you to simplify the process a bit. This guide has been prepared by professional removalists in Sydney and Parramatta who are aware of the problems that people face, and hence have tried to make the guide easy to follow.

Now let’s dive straight into the guide.

1. The Initial Steps

Expert office removalists in Parramatta, as well as Sydney, suggest that you complete the initial steps properly because be it a house or office removal, there will be many things to move. So, it’s better if you begin the initial steps at least 2 to 4 months before the date of moving the initial steps include

  • Repairing the damages (if any) in your existing property so that you can get your bond money back.
  • If possible, gather a team who can help you in moving without facing hassles.
  • Set a budget and start searching for the best companies and obtain quotes from them to compare and find the affordable one.

2. Setting Things Up

When the initial steps are completed, you will need to inform others about your move. 

In this step you will need to

  • Notify your landlord and give him the notice.
  • Notify your employees about the move and give them the date and the new address.
  • Notify your partners and clients about the move.

3. Preparing the Move

Now we will talk about the preparation stage and the pro removalists in the Parramatta area suggest that you make a checklist to make things simpler and in this checklist, you will need to include

  • The furniture in your office that will be moved.
  • Things that you need to discard to make the removal process easier for you as well as the removalists.
  • Packing all the items and labelling them properly so that you can unpack them in an orderly manner and position them properly.
  • Complete all the paperwork, etc. that are required by your building authority to avoid unnecessary problems later.
  • Get your existing office cleaned so that you can get the bond money back.

4. Moving Out

In this stage you don’t have much to do as the professionals providing the office removal service in Sydney or Parramatta will take care of everything. However, during the move, you will need to

  • Keep a close eye on all the items that are being moved.
  • Ensure that the furniture or equipment is being moved carefully.
  • Ensure that all the items are being properly placed in the moving truck to avoid collisions with each other during transportation.
  • Inspect your property to make sure that no items are left behind.

5. Success!

This is the final stage when the office removal is over and now you will need to

  • Unpack all the items and place them in their respective places in your new location.
  • Inspect if all the items are in their best shape.
  • Connect all the office equipment such as computers or other machinery.
  • Continue normal business operations. 

So, as you can see that all of these are easy to follow and if you do follow this guide, you can make the office removal more organised.

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