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Some Smart Things to Do Before Your Removalists Arrive

When you move, your removalists would do all that is a necessity to ensure your move is smooth and spotless. However, that does not mean you have nothing to do but to enjoy the reprieve. Well, as for us, when you put your trust in Mobex our experts will take up the responsibility of doing everything that it takes to make your move as seamless as it can be. Still, we would suggest you carry a certain proportion of tasks, which will make the move even smoother and faster. Here they are for you if you are planning to move and looking forward to hiring us. Now we would divide your responsibilities in two categories – the ones at your old address and those at your new address!

Responsibilities at Your Old Address

Get Rid of Very Unwanted Furniture and Rubbish: There must be a lot of old furniture & fittings that are hardly of any use and a lot of unwanted stuff that will surely not accompany you to your new address. Get rid of all the stuff. This will help you to streamline your move.

Disassemble all the ‘Biggies’: If you can it is advisable to disassemble all the big, cumbersome furniture before our experts arrive. However, if you find any problem in doing so, leave it to us. There is no point in trying something that you cannot and breaking or damaging the furniture. Our movers are experts in dismantling every type of big furniture. This is one advantage when you hire a reputed company like us, rather than going for a bunch of cheap removalists in Sydney who are little known to provide these customised services.

Empty the Fridge: This is quite understandable and we would advise you to empty your fridge well before the move and clean it up thoroughly to satisfy your landlord. It will count when it comes to getting your bond money back.

Tape the Doors Down: Our movers will greatly appreciate, if you kindly take some time to tape down all the doors on your fridge (if it’s yours and it accompanies you to your new address) and furniture and whatever there is, with drawers and doors.

Collate the ‘Little Ones’: When it comes to managing the smaller furniture and fittings and other stuff, you need to collate them together so that when our removalists arrive, they will be able to pack them up quickly, effortlessly, and appropriately.

Responsibilities at Your New Place

You must visit your new address beforehand, even if it is an interstate removal, and carry out some tasks.

Connect the Utilities:  Visit your new address before the movers arrive with your stuff, and have all the utilities connected. Get in touch with your utility company and have the water and gas, internet and telephone, electricity, and other utility connections up and running. This will help you to understand if all your electrical appliances are fine and running once our interstate removalists in Sydney connect them at your new address.

Pest Control: Though it is not directly related to moving, you must indulge in pest control to make sure you are not moving in a colony of pests that will take on your furniture, ruining them in no time.

Thus you see, just a little bit of cooperation from the end will make our service and the move even smoother and more customised.  For further details, call  Mobex at 1300 397 608 during our office hours.

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