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The Best Packing Materials That You Can Use for Home Removals

Home removals are always complicated as a lot of things need to be organized before the process. Among these ‘things’, using the proper packing materials for individual items always remains important to avoid damages during the relocation. So, nowadays the removal companies in Sydney are using only those materials that offer good protection from bumps or small impacts during transport.

Before we dive into the packing materials, we will say that it is always important to hire reputed removalists in Sydney since they will always be careful during the process to ensure that your items are free of damage. And apart from using the best packing materials, they will take extra care for the objects that are fragile or too delicate.And if packing is not included in the removal package, you can do them yourself but make sure you are using the right items.

So, let’s check out some of the materials now.

Different Types of Boxes

There is a wide variety of packing boxes that are used in home removals. They are:

  • Boxes for Wardrobes

These specialty boxes are built for moving the clothes safely from one destination to another. They have metal hangars attached to metal bars where you can hang your clothes. These boxes will allow you to keep your clothes free of wrinkles.

  • Double Walled Boxes

These are heavy-duty boxes meant to keep the delicate items safe. By using these boxes you can protect plants, glass objects, and other small furniture during the removal.

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  • Boxes with Dividers

These boxes have dividers where you can keep small fragile items such as glasses. You can wrap the small items and place them in the cells. This will enable you to organize them later.

  • Boxes for the Electronic Goods

The electronic boxes are used by many moving house service providers in Sydney as these keep the electronic appliances such as computers and monitors safe from bumps and collisions. If you have other electronic items that are susceptible to static electricity, using these boxes is always a good idea.

Paper for Wrapping the Items

In a home removal, you will need to wrap the different items, especially the ones that are delicate. You can also use wrapping papers to fill the empty spaces in the boxes to prevent damage to the packed items during the removal and you can use plain newspaper or brown papers for wrapping purposes.

Using Bubble Wraps

Almost all house removalists use bubble wraps before removal as this offers excellent protection against damages.

Bubble wraps are used mostly for wrapping fragile items or items that are very delicate but you can use them for any type of item.These wraps are air-filled and hence absorb shocks and impacts during the transportation process.


This is also another packing material that you can use in your home removal. In fact, most removal companies use foam for heavier items.If you have appliances like washing machine, fridge, etc. using foam will be the best idea to proper them from damages during transport.

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