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Planned a Move? Follow These Steps to Protect Your Furniture

If you have a move planned, be careful of the furniture as they are prone to getting dents, scratches, etc. and can even break if they are not handled well. So, today we will be focusing on the ways in which you can protect the furniture. However, if you are in Sydney or Parramatta, you should consult with the removalists to learn a few more ways to keep your furniture safe.

  1. Getting the Right Packing Materials

No, only packing tapes and cardboard boxes are not enough to keep your furniture safe during a move. You will need other packing materials too. Our expert furniture removalists in Sydney recommend that you get customised covers (easily available in the market), bubble wraps, plastic bags, stretch wrap and cardboard sheets as these materials work best in protecting the furniture from dents and scratches.

  1. Cleaning the Furniture

Before packing the furniture, you will need to clean them with the best cleaning solutions. First vacuum the furniture to remove the dust as an accumulation of dust and debris can create scratches on the surfaces of the furniture. Additionally, cleaning the furniture means that after the removal is over, you will not be taking dust and debris to the new home.

You will need to vacuum the different parts of your furniture, and if possible clean them with necessary solutions.

  1. Disassemble the Furniture to Pack them Properly

Our professionals providing moving house services in Parramatta recommend dismantling the furniture to pack them up efficiently. To do this, take some time off and read the furniture manual to dismantle them safely. Remove the cushions and the frames on the bed in a step by step basis as moving the furniture will be easier this way and will help them in preventing damages.

If you are cleaning the furniture, it will also be easier if you disassemble them effectively. So, make sure that you are disassembling them properly.

  1. Wrapping the Furniture Correctly

After you disassembling and cleaning them, you will need to wrap the furniture with plastic sheets and other items in the correct way to protect them from damages.

If you have small and fragile furniture or mirror, wrapping them with bubble wraps is the best solution. However, for the bigger furniture, we recommend using old blankets as they will protect your furniture from collisions during the transport.

  1. Placing the Items Properly in the Transport Truck

During the transport, the furniture needs to be placed in the transport truck properly to avoid damages. So, it is best to consult with the removalists about how they will be placing the items because the smaller and fragile furniture require extra care during the transport. So, apart from placing, a supervisor has to be appointed to keep a close watch on the furniture during the transport.

  1. Final Check before Packing

Our furniture movers in Sydney and Parramatta recommend that before packing your furniture on the boxes, check the boxes for extra items such as keys, toys, etc. that you might have left behind as these can create small impacts during the transport which might leave scratches on the surface of your furniture.

So, these are a few easy steps of keeping your furniture safe during transport. But if you require additional assistance, talk to the removalists.

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