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6 Time & Money Saving Tricks When Moving Household Furniture

Moving house isn’t a cakewalk as it requires skills, effort and expertise. Whether you have experience in relocating earlier or doing it for the first time, the key towards a successful and stress-free move is planning. Whereas moving regular household goods won’t require breaking a sweat, packing and shipping bulk furniture can eat up your valuable time and a significant portion of bank balance if not executed properly.  This blog outlines 6 clever hacks of deporting household furniture while sticking to budget.

  • Prepare a Checklist First

The first and foremost step towards moving household furniture starts by preparing a detailed checklist. You need to sort your items according to the nature and type and list down the goods you wish to relocate to your new home.  This is extremely essential as it helps you identify worn out and damaged furniture which is of no use and saves your pocket from paying unnecessary moving charges.

  • Draw a Rough Estimate

Once the sorting is done and you have finalised the items you wish to move, it’s now time to prepare a rough estimate to determine the expenditure required for hiring moving house services in Sydney. Initially, you might have to play with figures and eliminate items which are of no use to ensure you have a workable and cost-effective budget. It is pointless to pay for distorted goods and therefore, you need to pay special attention while sorting your items.

  • Invest in Quality Packing Supplies

Whereas regular household items don’t require expensive packing materials, fragile and antiques require good-quality packing supplies and cartons to remain safe and intact during transit. Investing in bubble wraps, packing tapes, speciality boxes and adhesives can protect your pricey possessions from breakage and save your pocket from incurring hefty dollars on replacements.


  • Compare Quotes from Multiple Service Providers

If you are running on a low budget and want to get the best deal to meet your customised relocation needs, make sure you compare quotes from various service providers before making a final booking. By doing so, you will not only get a fair idea on the rates prevailing in the market but can rely on a company who are trusted, insured and have good reviews of handling furniture removals safely and effectively.

  • Avoid Booking During Peak Hours & Weekends

To make your furniture removals time saving and budget-friendly, a smart trick is to book house removals preferably a month before your final move-out date and avoid peak times such as weekends or public holidays. This can influence a big deal on the price you have to pay for furniture relocation and you won’t be able to negotiate. It’ better to skip scheduling relocations during big events or festivals and choose weekdays to stay on budget.

  • Dismantle Lightweight Furniture on Your Own

Another way to save money on furniture removals is by dismantling lightweight goods on your own. You can make use of your free time by disassembling the parts, screws, nuts and bolts of furniture such as coffee tables, cupboards, small cabinets which are handy and save money you otherwise would have to pay to professional furniture removalists in Sydney for executing the task.

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